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Alternatives to Clinical Practice

Alternative Careers in Medicine

If you decide not to complete residency after medical school, there are a small but growing number of medical school graduates who are choosing alternatives to traditional clinical practice. These career options involve a number of areas including:

Policy positions

  • Public Service and Policy-Making: Federal, State, and Local Government
  • Lobbying and Government Relations
  • Organized Medicine: Non-profits and Associations

Business and Industry

  • Physician Executive Careers: Hospitals and Healthcare Management Companies
  • Informatics
  • Consulting

Pharmaceutical Research


  • Print Journalism and Writing
  • Broadcast Journalism

Non-traditional Environments

  • Aerospace Medicine
  • International Medicine

For more information about all of these options, please refer to the Careers in Medicine website for comprehensive descriptions and requirements.

 If you decide to leave medical school, consider other Medical Careers:


Other things to do: Obtain Financial Counseling