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Couples Match

Matching successfully is stressful as an individual but even more complicated if you are applying as a couple. The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) allows you to designate yourself as part of a pair and alerts programs that you are participating in the couples match. The actual link between the two students occurs with the submission of the rank order list. There are also additional costs if you apply as a couple. You both MUST rank the same number of programs.

A successful couples match requires good communication. You must both know what you want, what compromises you can accept and what aspects are non-negotiable. Applying to programs in large cities can improve your chances of multiple interviews at multiple hospitals. This is especially critical if one of the applicants is applying to a highly competitive program. In general, you should plan to rank more programs than your classmates. The more competitive the specialty, the longer your rank order list should be. To improve your chances, be sure to apply early! Interviews can always be canceled. If you are offered an interview, do not wait until your partner is offered one. Schedule the interview and cancel later (always give the program at least 2 weeks notice).  A student can also contact a program in a certain geographic locations and request a review of their application and a possible interview if your partner has received an interview invitation and you have not.  Please carefully review the information about the couples match provided on the NRMP website.