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Wayne State University School of Medicine


In Year 3, the core clerkships are grouped into 2 categories:  the Primary Care Block (Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and Continuity of Care) and the Specialty Block (OB/GYN, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery).  Students may also select 1 elective during the Primary Care Block.  Students are advised to choose this elective carefully, as it is an opportunity to explore a specialty of interest that you may not encounter in your core clerkships.  The list of electives changes annually and students are notified of approved Year 3 electives during the scheduling process.  To review the elective choices, please refer to the Year 4 Elective catalog, which contains both Year 3 (3 credits) & Year 4 (6 credits) electives.  To access the CRN number and read course descriptions, go to the course catalog at and follow these links: 

Click Switch Term (select Med School 2012), Click GO
Click Courses/Subjects
Click Year 4 Medical Student (even for Year 3 electives)

In Year 4, You can select 5 electives (4 if you are choosing to use co-curricular credit).  It is best to consult faculty advisors in your specialty of interest to discuss electives that will provide a firm foundation in that specialty, when to schedule those electives, and whether away electives are advisable.  The Office of Student Affairs sponsors Faculty Advising Dinners in February and March of Year 3 so that students can discuss specialty selection and Year 4 scheduling with faculty members.  We also sponsor the Year 4 Approvathon where faculty in your chosen specialty will review your Year 4 schedule prior to entering your preferences in the Year 4 Lottery.