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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of Recommendations (LORs) from clinical faculty with whom you have worked directly are one of most important criteria used by residency programs to determine whether to grant an interview and subsequently rank applicants. The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) limits students to attaching only 4 LORs to each program to which they apply.

Students should only request LORs from attending physicians rather than residents. Such requests should be in person, if possible. This will help the physician to remember who you are and how you worked under their direction. Students need to make clear that they are seeking ‘strong’ LORs. Students should also be prepared to provide a copy of both their CV and Personal Statement to the letter writer.

Students will need to find out from Faculty Advisors which type of LORs are customarily submitted depending on their specialty. For example, some specialties will expect that you include an LOR written by the Department Chair. Collecting general LORs as you complete your Year III Clerkships will not be helpful. Your LORs need to be focused on the specific field you are seeking to enter.

Students should request an LOR only after having reviewed the written evaluation completed by the Attending Physician. You will need to complete an ERAS LOR request form for each LOR and waive your right to see it. Choosing not to waive your right to see the LOR could mean that programs will discount those LORs.  Please refer to the Letter of Recommendation Portal section of the ERAS website for more information